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Paul began presence in 1997 after a very clear word to be an usher of God's people into His presence.
From small beginnings and part time work, He and Tracy now 
offer their time to serve God, living by faith, looking to follow
His call both in and out of their home city of Stoke on Trent,
England. In the UK
Over these past years there have been amazing opportunities.
God has allowed us to meet our extended church family in all
sorts of settings. To lead and teach in nations from Singapore
in the East to Vancouver in the West, always operating out of
relationship and connection.
He has given us an amazing journey here in our home town too where we have been part of our major citywide prayer movement over a decade and now helping to bring leadership to beacon house of prayer.
As well as continuing to lead Paul has a heart to encourage and mentor worshippers and musicians, following a call to be a worship Father for the generation that is now and is to come. 
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